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Article Magazine Richesse, Japon, octobre 2015

Hedva Ser becomes famous worldwide as her sculpture “Tree of Peace”, which was gifted for Roman Pope. We interviewed her about her simple, yet strong sculptures and their concepts in her house in Paris.

“”Art is my life. I canʼt think living without arts.” Hedva Ser, an owner of this beautiful house, is holding 2 titles;

UNESCO Artist for Peace and Chevalier de la Legion dʼhoneur. The art works, from the powerful formʼs bronze sculptures to the enrich colors three-dimensional tapestry by Aubusson and the delicate touch of water paintings, in this house are all her creations. In combination with those works, she selected the furniture in order to make this artistic room. The beautiful graduation from the warm red and rose room to the lush greenery garden in the end is the result of her esthetics eyes and artistic skills. Hedvaʼs house located in bijou residence area near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, is used to the residence of Salvatore Dali, the well-known surrealism artist. Hedva said that she felt immediately “this is my house” when she stepped into it, because of the beautiful sunshine and the green garden. Since she is often inspired by nature such as trees and flowers, this is the best environment for her. She set up her atelier in the garden and works hard every day. Her works are various, but Hedva is best known for the powerful sculptures. Her representative sculpture is “Symbolism of the Tree of Peace”, which is now a new symbol of peace of UNESCO and is installed in public spaces all over the world from Europe, North America to Middle-East. “Tree of Peace” becomes worldwide well-known successfully, as the UNESCO Secretary General gifted it to the Pope Francois in May, 2015.“Tree of Peace” has 3 sizes, and the big size of “Tree of Peace” is beyond 2 meters tall and 300 kilos weight. They are installed in the public spaces in order to appeal the importance of peace and to urge to take the solid action for peace as a message. Hedva strongly insisted that “Tree of Peace” is not a decorative image, but is included very important message for peace.

Hedvaʼs parents were the Holocaust survivors. She said Peace through Art is her mission “the most important activity”. Cooperating with UNESCO, Hedva has a key role for “Art Camp” to build the foundation of peace with artists all over the world as well as developing an art educational program about Holocaust Remembrance to use her sculptures.

She said she likes Japan, for especially nature and culture. Actually she created her “Wave” sculpture inspired by Hokusai landscapes. She said “I respect Japan and the people so much who can find out the universal beauty from the nature”, and continued “I strongly hope to install my “Tree of Peace” in Hiroshima or in Tohoku near future as a message of peace”.

Like her French chic and Art de Vivre life, Hedva completely fascinates everyone with her charm. Her works lined with her strong belief touch peopleʼs heart, and she turns a light on inside as an Artist for Peace.

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