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"Destruction & Rebirth", exposition au Musée Galicia de Cracovie

janvier - avril 2014

It is the first time Ser’s work has been exhibited in Poland.

The exhibited sculptures—raw 300-kilo blocks of bronze—form a cycle intended to symbolize the story of the Jewish community in Poland.

Remaining under strong influence of Kabbalistic thought, the sculptor creates works that seek to capture the dialectical process, the synthesis of disparate phenomena, associated with destruction and reconstruction, disintegration and harmony, and death and rebirth.

This process, according to Ser, aims to achieve a state of equilibrium.

However, it is something inherently fragile—unstable and threatened by an inevitable plunge back into chaos.

Ser’s sculptures are artistic representations of the endless cycle of destruction and rebirth’s various phases. They express the artist's hopeful belief that the disintegration of some form of existence invariably entails the creation of something new: that destruction is, in fact, a precondition for regeneration.

The relegated world has the power to be reborn.

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